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    Raw Bench?

    I don't compete in anyway in lifting (aside from stitisticaly at football) so naturally i dont use a bench shirt. I read about all different types of techinique tips for squats.
    The tips are ver detailed. Like how to tuck ur shoulders, do an arch corectly, etc. But all of these tips are with a bench shirt. Do these techiniques apply the same for a raw bench? or is the pruposed of many of these tips to better incorporate the shirt in the lift?
    If anyone has any detailed raw bench tips please share.
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    age 16
    weight 176
    bench 325
    squat 410
    powerclean(HangClean) 305


    Gains since end of football season:
    weight = 16 lbs
    bench = 40 lbs
    squat = 100 lbs
    powerclean = 50 lbs

    ^^lost a lot of strength durring football season, the hardest part was getting to where i had already been then numbers just kept going up.


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