Hi guys - first pics here, so please don't be too cruel. I'm 30 years old, returning to lifting after several months off, and looking for advice. 160lbs, 5'11". And a long way off this (great work, BTW)

My feeling is that most of my work needs to go into chest and shoulders.

My proposed routine is this:

Day 1:
Back: Chin-ups
Chest: Bench press
Legs: Rest
Arms & Shoulders: Shoulder press & curls
Abs: Weighted situps

Day 3:
Back: Rest
Chest: Rest
Legs: Squat
Arms & Shoulders: Shoulder press, clean & press
Abs: Rest

Day 5:
Back: Chin-ups
Chest: Bench press
Legs: Deadlift
Arms & Shoulders: Overhead press, Tricep pushdown
Abs: Weighted situps

I'm wondering whether Day 3 is too light, although I'm normally pretty shattered after squatting, so I don't want to add any other "big" exercises that day. Grateful for any thoughts or advice.