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    Pressing Compilation

    I plan on getting new videos up soon of my lifts so I figured I'd making a compilation of my pressing movements from back when I weighed 151 in the 148lb class to compare to my lifts at 163 in the 165lb class. To those who have seen em its nothin new, to those who havnt.. enjoy.

    Pressing Videos - Oldest video I have. Me at the end of my senior year at 148-150 repping out 225 x 15. A few of the later reps were an inch or so off my chest but meh, I was young and stupid. I plan on seeing how many reps of 225 I can get fairly soon... - Video of me hitting 315 on bench over the summer after my senior year. Was weighing 150-151 at the time. Should be testing my new 1 rep max within the next few weeks. - 100 lb dumbells x 16 back when I was still in the 150 lb area. Big video which is why I made sure I put it on Youtube. Not sure if i'll test my 100 lb dumbell max again but 100's x 20 would be sweet... we'll see. - 110 lb dumbells x 6 on incline. My incline feels much stronger these days so i'll definitelly check out what I can do on that fairly soon. (Still 151) - 120 lb dumbells x 6 on flat, didnt go any higher than that at that gym but the gym i'm at now has 125's but then jumps all the way to 155's.. gah. I'll have to see what I can do with the 125's soon. (still 151) - 245 lb close grip triple, just one of my working sets back in the day. (still 151) - 285 close grip bench. Little uneven at the top and the guy insists he didnt help at all but it still pisses me off that he grabbed it. I'll definitelly figure out my 1 rep max on close grip soon. (Taken same day as the 245 x 3) - SMITH MACHINE FOR THE WIN! haha, way back at the YMCA, taken a month or two after all the other videos on here so I was probably weighing around 155? Not even sure what weight is on the "bar" but meh... its a smith machine, who cares. - DIPS! BW+150 lb dip x 2 while weighing 150lbs. In this video I got 2 reps but the angle was crappy so I took another. - Took another dip vid after the first one but could only get 1 rep this time, better angle though. Super stable dip station

    Updated videos comming soon...
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