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Thread: Put together a diet...quick criticism..

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    Put together a diet...quick criticism..

    Any suggestions? Wondering how it maintenance is right around 3000 calories, so 2500 is approx 17% of a cut in calories...this is for a rest day...on lifting days i will add a couple hundred calories more...small shake with skim milk and whey protein...

    Currently 174lbs. at 18%...would like to lower bodyfat to 8% or so eventually..

    ^To view the fitday breakdown..

    Overall: 2480 calories
    Fats: 112 grams (42%)
    Carbs: 140 grams (20%)
    Protein: 233 grams (38%)

    Meal 1: Breakfast
    3 large eggs
    1.5 cups Skim Milk
    1 cup Oats (dry measure)

    Meal 2: Snack
    1.5 cups 2% cottage cheese
    2 tablespoons natty pb

    Meal 3: Lunch
    4oz. chicken breast (after cooked)
    2 tablespoons olive oil

    Meal 4: Snack
    5oz. tuna
    1 slice wheat bread

    Meal 5: Dinner.
    4oz. chicken breast (after cooked)
    2 cups broccoli (or another vegetable...usually broccoli)

    Meal 6: Before bed.
    1.5 cups Cottage Cheese

    on lifting days,
    meal 7: post workout
    1.5 cup skim milk
    1.5 scoop whey protein
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