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Thread: Bunch of chest questions

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    Bunch of chest questions

    Instead of making a bunch of multiple threads, I'll just ask them all here:

    1. Is it ok to only do dumbell movements, and not do any bar movements? I've always felt db's more, so I haven't done any bar movements in months (except decline bar every now and then) Just wondering if I'm missing out on anything.

    2. What's the best way to warm up on incline db's? Today I did 45x20, then 70x15, and then did my first set 100x12...But I felt stiff, and I never feel ready to go. I also did 5 minutes on the treadmill at 3.5 mph, before I started the warmup sets. What else should I do? I don't feel smooth, and ready to do until my 3rd or 4th working set. What am I doing wrong? Should I warm up more? Warm up heavier? Do more treadmill? Do flyes first?

    3. Where should the incline bench be set at? The one at my gym is adjustable. Does anyone know a good degree to keep it at? Is there anyway to tell if I had it in the right spot?

    4. Does the order of my exercises have a strong significane on my chest workout? I usually do Incline DBs, Flat DBs, then a decline, and a fly. Is it stupid to do Incline first everytime? The only reason I figured to do it first, is because it's more difficult then flat, and I figured I could give it my all if I did it first. My gym's db's go up to 125lbs, and I can rep them out pretty easy on flat (If I do it first) When I do it as a second exercise (what I usually do) it's hard to get over 115 for reps.

    5. IS it smart to pyramid all my sets? For example on incline dbs, I do 100x12, 105x10, 110x8, 115x6-7...I could just do 115x10, 115x8, 115x6 if I started with it from the beginning. Is there any difference in the way you do it?

    6. When you guys are doing decline bench press (I rarely do it) but did it today...Does your head get hot? When I'm laying down my whole head gets burning hot, and flushed, and I almost have trouble completing the set.

    7. Is the decline chest press machine (hammer strength) a waste of time? I've watched a few pro bodybuilder videos and alot of them seem to hit the machine for this exercise (as less chance of injury, and better movement?)

    Thanks in advance You guys are great.

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    1 Depends. its usually best to vary it up because you can handle more weight on barbells than dumbells and stimulate more muscles while dumbells can focus more n the pecs but u use less weight, but if you are the few who have shoulder problems with the bar it would be ok to ditch them if your going for your name which is beach muscles

    2. try a few more warmup sets, or just barbell movements, on days when i do all dumbells i still warmup with dumbells then a few lighter sets, i say try light barbell movements or a few more light dumbell sets

    3 for best results the inclien should be set at about 30 degress, in most gyms on the incline bench set it at the lowets position of if your incline bench can lay flat try and get it as close to possible as the incline barbell bench, thats the good rule of thumb, this is an exercise i se a lot of people screwing up because they have the bench to high, going that high focuses more on the pecs, err on the side of too low than too high for pec stimulation

    4. yes it does, always do pressing before flyes, now rather u want to do inclines flat or decline first thats up to you, i say start with your weakets first so u can use more weight, but also i like to vary it up a bit

    5 again vary it up a bit, sometimes do pyramid or just do straight sets, ive noticed ive seen better results with warming up then straight sets then once i can get all the reps in the scheme i move the weight up, pyramiding only works for so long, but again its good to vary it up form time to time but personally get better results from straight sets

    6. never experienced that one

    7. i like that machine, takes a lot of hassle out of loading the dumbells and trying not to fall off then bench, plus using dumbells sometimes places a lot of uneccessarty stress on my shoudlers so i opt for the hammer strnegth more often than not, i do it as one of my last pressing exercises and i load up the wieght and crank out the reps in the 8-10 range

    hope this helps
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