no bs. yes, i have read every piece of text in all of the links in the kid's signature ( the mod/admin guy who has a hulk pic as his avatar). i followed these debates with keen interest, as i have always had a horribly small upper chest relative to the bottom.

after looking for a way to convince myself it was worthwhile to try to bring out my upper chest, i finally decided to let it go, and realize that the chest is a single muscle, and can only contract one way, adn i coudl not target it. mind you, i was looking at these debates hoping i could find the answer i was looking for (that i COULD target my upper chest), and i came away convinced i couldn't, adn decided not to waste any time on a useless pursuit. i kept training my chest the way i did before (mainly benching and dips, which were probably contributing to the larger lower portion, as dips were a big part of my chest routine).

anyways, i went as far as speakign with a ex sci professor at my uni, who confirmed that, in fact, you CANNOT target upper chest. i was convinced i was doomed.

a while later i was reading an interview about some hugely famous trainer (if i hear the name i'll know it, he is notorious), who was asked about this, and although he could not explain it, he said he has brought out the upper chest on many of his clients. after reading this, and a talk with a local bodybuilder who swears he can target his upper chest as well, i decided to try it.

for the past 4 months, roughly, i have devoted my chest training to changing this imbalance. i have not done a single flat bench movement, and def no decline movements. my chest routine is basically 100% incline db flies/presses. after beginning this workout routine, i would notice that only my upper chest was sore (extremely), and the very bottom of my chest was barely sore at all. this gave me hope.

i am posting now, about 4 months into this 'shaping' program of mine, to say that i have absolutely changed the upper : lower ratios of chest mass.

flame away