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Are you sure it's actually larger, or does it just look relatively larger because your whole chest is smaller?

Also, the increased definition resulting from decreased bf might appear to make your upper chest bigger when in actuality it is just more defined.
if it looked larger relatively, ccuz my chest was smaller, then it would have looked that way before. i have muscle mass along my upper / inner, like right on my breast bone, that i never had nearly as much of before. this is what fully convinced me beyond a doubt, and gave me the idea to come post. i wouldn't dare post when i was only 'mostly' convinced.

sooooo... i got them pics, but if anyone looked over on that reef site, it got REAL ugly when i tried hosting those 2 from earlier. someone on the site turned them both upside down, and the comments were getting really really nasty beneath it (everyone was saying i am on steroids (i'm not), that i was gay, and all kinds of dick head stuff.... of course there's tons and tons of arbitrary pics on there of tattoos and cars, and they are completely ignored, but you post a 'sexy' body up there and everyone has to come in with insults, hatred, and automatically assume it is because of roids, not hard work. i know it shouldn't bother me, and there individual comments don't bother me, but it makes me sad how that is so typical of human nature in many people. i'm sure we can all think of scenarios where a hot girl walks in, and every girl in the room immediately notices all the little flaws.... really sad stuff.

1) but i got dem pics! can anyone link me to a pic resizer real quick so i can put htem all up here before i go to dinner?

2) i know i used to know the response to this, but if you emphasize a certain part of your chest, why then, after doing a workout of ONLY steep incline presses, is your upper chest extremely sore, and your lower chest not sore at all? i feel like that is enough right there to show that different parts of the chest were affected differently, but i am pretty sure i remember the rebuttal to that, so i'll stop on that one for now