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Thread: WBB 1 to WBB 2

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    WBB 1 to WBB 2

    I used to say I lifted. Well until I came here and actually lost weight previously (240 down to 201) I havn't lifted in over a year. Since December I have been using WBB #1, gotten more defined and lost fat. I also found my limitations and how far I can push myself. In the period of over 3 months I went from starting squats again since highschool at 220, to 325. (Today is leg day and I'll hit at least 335 )

    I don't want to be big, at least not yet. I was overweight from second grade until my senior year of highschool. Up until a year ago I couldn't run more then 2-3 minutes, now I can run 2+ miles without even stopping or slowing down.

    Since I've gotten into lifting again, I want to cut now. Should I switch from WBB 1 to WBB 2 for the cut to add some change and variety to the workout ?

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    if your progressing then i see no reason to switch up the routine (which you seem to be). Since you want to cut you should read Builts sticky on top of the Nutrition forum, it will give you all the guidelines to follow. Most keep lifting the same on a cut but just lower the cals.
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