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    Forum layout

    Hi everyone,

    We have made some changes to the forum layout so that things are grouped a little better. We've also introduced a couple of new forums.

    The main changes are:

    1. Addition of a GPP/Sports specific forum. Expect a FAQ on General Physical Preparedness shortly. For now in case you do not know what it stands for check out the following article -

    2. Making Recipes a main forum, instead of a sub forum. We believe that it being a sub forum makes it hard for people to notice and the aim is to bring some further posts to this forum. If you have a great reipe to share, please help us kick it off with posting it!

    3. General restructure of forums. - Just to group things together and make a little more sense out of things.

    Lastly, some may notice that you can no longer post in the competitors forum. We are going to actually be removing the forum, so right now we are just in the midsyt of deciding where to re-allocate the threads that reside in that forum. We'll keep you updated, we should have something decided later today/tomorrow.

    If you have any further suggestions, please do let us know via making a post in the feedback and suggestios forum, now at the top of the forum !


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