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Thread: Elbow Problem

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    Elbow Problem

    new to the forum and signed up for a little advice, ive been working out for more than a year and a half and for the past 2 weeks or so my left elbow has been acting up in a strange way whenever i bench or curl or work on my triceps it feels like my left elbow joint is extremly shaky not my arm the the elbow itself ive searched the net and having really found anything like it and going to the doctor is a last priority so i was hoping maybe someone here knows somthing about it thx :P

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    If you havent had an injury there previously, and it doesnt hurt, probably there is nothing wrong with you. Reduce the intensity of bench press/tricep/shoulder work while adding some forearm strengthening excersizes in there. Shakiness could just be muscle fatigue, and forearm strength supports the elbow.


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