I'm putting this in general chat since it'll get more traffic, and the answers I need aren't going to be all that complicted. It's more for brainstorming reasons..

I ned help compiling a list of foods for my brother, that he can take back to school with him in order to bulk. He does have an apartment with a full kitchen, but he works on a very limited budget and generally takes the majority of his groceries back to school with him after visits home (he's home now). He couldn't afford to park his car downtown, so his supplemental grocery trips are VERY rare with the exception of what he can pick up at the deli in his apartment building.

He bulked from 135 to 160 in 3 months two summers ago and, being the ectomorph he is, lost it all when he left home for school. He'd like to work on it again. He'll have access to enough equipment to take care of the lifting, but I need help with compiling a list of calorie and protein dense foods for him to take back with him. I'm sure a lot of you guys in college have been in this kind of situation, and can help me put together a good shopping list.

So far, I'm thinking..

A lot of ground beef
he buys milk in his building's deli, so it'll be whole from now on
Peanut Butter

Don't worry about things being overly clean. He's not a very clean eater, and won't work very hard on that as it is. He didn't put on ANY fat on that last bulk. He actually looked leaner than ever when he hit 160, which is insane because he was already under 8%.