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Thread: Need a little help

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    Need a little help

    I guess im the type of person who likes to read up alot before i venture into new things (such as weightlifting).A little background on me im 5'9 160 pounds 20 years old, as far as experience goes i dabbed there and there at 15 with weights(your typical bench and curl bar at home).

    I have read about 10 diet/foods to eat articles 10000 weightlifting routines from the 5x5 to WWB 1,2, and 3 GVT, i came to the fact i have read WAY to much so much new information in such a short ammount of time is confusing.

    My Goals: Get huge and sleep with every girl in my town(joke) since i live in a small town its more of a hobby/lifestyle i want to get into and i always enjoy new challanges.

    The real question here is i need a little help with a routine..i want it to be 4 days upper/lower routine , i am confused about about how many sets and how many rep's i need etc..etc.. and what body parts to work with what, i def got the DEDICATION for it , just dumb as a rock =)
    and i need to get rid of these tiny legs and get some tree trunks.

    Anyways i did try to use the search button, im just so tired of reading things i decided to make my own topic so sorry if someone else posted something like this, you can PM if you'd like have a great day =)
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