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    Best routine for cutting...

    I'm about to embark on my cut to 180-185lbs and I'm trying to figure out the best routine for maintaining mass and adding strength. I figured a variation of Bill Starr's 5x5 would be optimal, tell me what you guys think:

    Day 1 - (heavy) squat 5x5, decline bench press 5x5, bent over rows 5x5

    Day 2 - (light) deadlift 5x5, pullups 5x5, military press 5x5

    Day 3 - (medium) squat 5x5, bent over rows 5x5, decline press 5x5

    Day 4 - (medium) deadlift 5x5, pullups 5x5, incline db press 5x5

    1-2 days of rest between workouts

    For the heavy squats I'll be working up to a heavy set close to my 5 rep max. For medium squats I'll pick a lighter weight and do 5x5 with it, nothing too close to failure. Deadlifts will definately be submaximal, but I still plan to increase 5lbs a week on them if possible. If needed, I'll do supplemental work after the main workouts or on off days. I'll also be playing basketball/football/raquetball/soccer some days, probably nothing too intense.

    Should I alternate between picking a weight and doing 5x5 with it and working up to around a 5 rep max every other workout with the other exercises?
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