This is what I have been doing...

Monday - chest/triceps
5x5 bench press, incline DB press, weighted dips
3x8-10 skullcrushers

Tuesday - back/biceps
5x5 deadlift, weighted pullups, Dorian rows
3x8-10 DB curls

Thursday - shoulders
5x5 overhead press, rear upright rows, Arnold press, rear delt rows

Friday - legs
5x5 squat, stiff-legged deadlift, leg press, leg curls

I train core every lifting day, alternating between low reps-high weight and adding weight with moderate reps and also between strictly abs, direct oblique work, and a mix. Core training is boring, so I like to switch it up to keep it fresh.

And here's what I'm thinking of doing instead because I want to drop my shoulder day to make it a 3 day split so I have time for doing sprint workouts.

Monday - Push:
bench press
overhead press
incline bench press

Wednesday - Pull:
bent over rows
side bends

Friday - Legs:
leg press
leg curls

I really want to incorporate an explosive movement like power cleans but I don't know where to put them. My pull day seems pretty heavy already. Any suggestions? Up to this point, I've had no problem coming up with my own routines but I'm at a crossroads with going to almost a full body workout here.