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Thread: Training to become a fireman?

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    Training to become a fireman?

    I'm seriously considering becoming a fireman. I've only done some mild research on it. Of course my biggest concern is fitness. Does anyone know of any training exercises to focus on? From what I've read they focus a lot on leg strength and lung capacity. I was thinking of doing some general weight lifting with an emphasis on lifts like the clean and jerk and I'm planning on doing some stadium running with a weighted vest.

    Any advice?

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    Do a search on "general physical preparedness" or "crossfit" ...
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    Cleans are great and the stadium running sounds good as well. Maybe do some walking BB lunges while you are there, that will build some strength, balance and endurance.

    I think you could could make some positive strides if you made some sandbags and did some exercises with them: throw 100lb worth of sandbags over your shoulder and walk with them, throw some on a sled and drag them, etc. I think these will relate more to fire fighting; think carrying a body out of a building.
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    Find out what the firefighters test entails and train for it specifically.
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    Do more than mild research on it. Especially find out if you will be able to get a job at all. My brother was on a waiting list for YEARS and a lot of his buddies are still on that list hoping for a job someday. He finally just gave up waiting. While his wife decided to give it a go and is guaranteed a job before she even finishes firefighter school. Do some research, a white male just can't get on with the firefighters in some areas.

    And find out exactly what the test is. Locally it's things like 200lbs body drags, time on a stair climber with 50lbs on your back, jogging with 50lbs vest, dragging hoses etc.


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