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Thread: Need feedback on how to proceed.

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    Need feedback on how to proceed.

    Hello everyone,

    Ive recently started training in the gym and would like some opinions on how to proceed from my current condition.

    I added some pics to give you a better idea of what I look like. I live in Europe so Ive converted all the cm and kgs to feet/inches and pounds.

    Im 5.9 feet, weigh 176 pounds at age 28. My bodyfat seems a little too high. People who know me, would say that I am slightly chubby. altho not fat.

    Ive been lurking a little on the Diet Nutition Forum and now am unsure on how to proceed with my diet. Training I dont really have that many questions about, altho I will post it for feedback purposes.

    Since I do feel that my bodyfat is too high at the moment and because of what I read on the Diet forum, I was going to go along with starting a low carb diet, where I only try and consume carbs before my workout, and eat plenty of protein and a little fat the rest of the day to keep the muscle but shed lower the bodyfat.

    My main goal however is of course to become bigger and gain more LBM, which is why Im unsure if this is the wrong time to 'cut'. I am willing to bulk up even more if you guys feel that I need to do that gain more muscle, in the interest of cutting at a later stage.

    I work as an assistant at a McDonalds restaurant, which is prolly why my bodyfat is slowly gone up over the past year. The advantage of that is I guess that I have access to lots of chicken and red meats.

    Here is my routine. I would love feedback on how to proceed from here, if my main goal is to gain lots of muscle but my concern is also my bodyfat %.

    I dont train strictly everyday because of work schedules being different every week. Altho I do train 2-4 times a week. There is room for improvement on the discipline here as well. Main reason of skipping working out some, is usually having a days hard work from 11-19, and not feeling like having the energy to workout during the evening.

    I dont have a strict training program, but my days usually look likle this:

    Day 1: Shoulders.
    - military press.
    - lateral raises.
    - Bentover raises.
    - Lateral raises with cable.
    - Shrugs.

    Day 2: Legs.
    - Squats.
    - Calf raises.
    - Leg press.
    - Leg curl.
    - Leg extensions.

    Day3: Back and biceps.
    - Deadlifts.
    - Pull down machine.
    - Bent over barbell rows.
    - Bent over dumbbell rows.
    - Dumbell curls.
    - Barbell curls. [by this time my arms seem to fail out so I stop]

    Day 4: Chest and triceps.
    - Bench Press.
    - Dumbbell press.
    - Dumbbell fly.
    - Cable Crossover.
    - Pull down on Cable.
    - Overhead extension.
    - French Press? Skullcrushers.

    I mix in abs in one of these days. Usually shoulders.

    I feel that Im good at listening to my body and usually try and end the workout session with my muscles being totally fatigued and traumatized. I feel t hat my arms are lagging behind, altho I have just recently started working out more.

    I dont think I get enough calories during the day, but Im not really counting calories as well (lol, Im not doing much right I guess).

    If you experienced people would look at my pics and help me figure out which direction I need to head in terms of bulk/cut, and wether there is anything seriously wrong my workout routines, I would be very grateful.

    Thanks in advance for your advice and feedback.
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    Here are the pics.
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    Lats and back need quite a bit of work IMO. Maybe try to do pullups and/or chins in your routine. I'd do them in favour of lat pulldown.

    I'd keep bulking if I were you. If you cut, you won't have a lot to show for it. If I were you I would feel the need to build up more muscle before I cut. However, I think the decision to bulk/cut is a personal thing. If you're happy with your body fat, keep going. But if not.. then maybe you should cut until your comfortable again.

    Arms are lacking too, but the heavy back work should help that out too.

    Routine looks solid, but maybe you should try Built's Baby Got Back - especially since this will target your back/biceps quite nicely.

    You NEED to be counting those calories. You don't need to be anal, but you should at least know how many calories you need to gain weight, and you should know if you're getting that number EVERY DAY. Constistency is DEFINATELY the most important thing. Skipping meals or workouts should be avoided if at all possible.
    It's no good undereating for a few days of the week because it sets back the effort you put in to everything else. - track your diet there. Be consistent.

    Good luck.

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    I think you are right about not having much to show if I go on into a cutting phase.

    I dont really have a problem being 'fat' for a while in the interest of gaining more muscle faster. I suppose the best route right now would be to go on a clean bulk correct?

    I am unsure about how many calories I should be taking in during a day. My estimate is that I need about 4000 calories. Im unsure about how I figure this number out other than seeing at what caloric intake a day do I start gaining weight.

    About chin ups/pull ups, Ive always felt that pull downs on the lat machine was better since you can control the weight and not just have your own weight to go on. Why are they better in your opinion?

    I made an account at fitday as well. Thanks for that tip.

    Thanks for your feedback Davidelmo
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