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Thread: My Macros

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    My Macros

    K, so im cutting (10lbs to go). Im not sure if im eating to much fat or not. My daily goal is 2k cals a day

    Calories Eaten Today
    grams cals %total
    Total: 2062
    Fat: 52 467 23%
    Sat: 2 21 1%
    Poly: 7 64 3%
    Mono: 5 48 2%
    Carbs: 155 586 29%
    Fiber: 9 0 0%
    Protein: 245 978 48%
    Alcohol: 0 0 0%

    Is this fine?
    A typical day has less protein but more carbs. Ive goten some tofu which helps to up the protein intake
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    i would say your fats are low. you want to shoot for .5g/lbm, so you need close to 100g. I personally dont think you need that much protein, but thats me.
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    if it were me i would knock some of the carbs down and try to add more healthy fats.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Optimum08
    if it were me i would knock some of the carbs down and try to add more healthy fats.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Optimum08
    if it were me i would knock some of the carbs down and try to add more healthy fats.
    Just curious as to why, I think one mistake I had on my cut was having too many fats and not enough carbs. Near the end of the cut my strengths were starting to go down, glycogen depletion I think came into play. If you dont have high enough carbs your going to have to do more refeeds.

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    I think during a cut you're supposed to teach your body to burn fat instead of sugar (carbs).

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    Fats are satiating, and are good for keeping blood sugar stable (helps control hunger, etc).

    At least a half a gram per pound LBM is what seems to float around many of the more educated articles I've read on the boards; there's peer-reviewed research that suggests this is optimal for test production.

    Carbs are yummy, but they make you hungry. Eat 'em in the meal before and or after you lift, but keep the starches and sugars away from your other meals and you'll have the hunger control that comes from lowering carbs, and the ergogenic assistance that comes from having carbs around for your lifts.

    Read my cutting link (in my sig) to see how I do this if you like.


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