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Thread: upper body dumbell workout needed

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    upper body dumbell workout needed

    I have football lifting sunday thru friday with wendsday off. During these days the team does a bunch of different upper and lower body stuff. I have an acl injury right now so i cant do any of this stuff, so most of my time i am stuck in the dumbell section of the weightroom. I do curls and and bench presses, and rows, but thats about all i can think of, and i dont want to overdoo the reps because i am bulking, so i usually am stuck doing nothing for about 40 minutes. can anyone give me a good 4 day workout i can do during this time,or atleast some dumbell exersises to do?
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    You can also implement some body weight excercises into your routine; like pullups and dips.
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    Dumbell military press, lateral raises, tricep kick backs, or my personal favourite, lateral punch outs (whereby you grab a dumbell which you know you can lateral raise, and you raise it and punch it out each arm -slow or fast, it doesnt matter, slow for mroe strength, fast for more power - , just like you would punch a person. Do for 6-8 reps per arm. Burns tremendously!

    Think of any movment possible and do reps on it! I find loads of random things to do with dumbells.
    You could also (to work your triceps more) get one quite heavy dumbell lift it over your head, and hold it with boths hands behind your neck, so that your elbow are bent with arms paralell to the floor. Push up the weight to just before lock out position, slowly lower weight and repeat for reps.

    You could aslo try doing the hardest excersice known to man. Grab two dumbells, (one each arm) and also im assuming they are round dumbels and can roll. Lie down face first to the ground with arms stretched out but just slightly bent to your side away from your body with dumbell in hands. Keep abdomen tight, and bring arms toward the body (keeping them straight, do not bend them at all). Finish position should be you in a press up state above the dumbells.
    This is the hardest exercise i have ever tried to do, and boy does it hurt like hell!! lol. Repeat for reps, (if you can!) lol

    Well... gives you some exercises to play around with.
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    so with your acl injury im guessing you cant do any real leg work,

    so my advise would be work your body on a push pull, heavy light split

    one day do all your pushing exercises ie chest shoulders and tricpes with heavy weights, then next day do all your heavy pulling exercises ie back and biceps

    followed by a day off then you do a light pushing day, now when i say light i dont mean easy this is a day you go for failure, use intensity techinques like super sets, drop sets and things of those nature

    now i could lay out exercises but ill choose by what works best for me but your muscle fiber make up may be different than mine

    but my basic thing is to keep all the exercises basic and compund and challengeing, and for each set and rep of pulling put an equal number of sets for pushing and vice versa to ensure balance.

    these is my advice for how do design a routine now for your heavy days try and keep the reps below 7 and total working sets around 20ish, as for the light days, try to get 2 different intensity techniques for some of your later sets and shoot for failure in the 8-12 range, if you cant get 8 its two heavy and if you can get 12 its too light
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