whats going on, i am 19 years old and recently met several body builders and want to become and amateur body builder for now, There are so many variables in this sport and I dont know where to start.
supplements to take?
I am on glutamine, and take about 3 grams a day, should i take more.
I am on Cell tech, it works for me, heard from this site that you only need like 3 grams of creatine a day and cell tech suggests 10, so i take half servings each day of 5 grams. tell me what you think about that?
I am on amino acids... when should i take them, with my protein, i have heard immediatly after i workout with glutamine.... but is that immediatly after my strength training? or right after that i hit the treadmile for a half hour then abs for 20 minutes, do i take it after that? if so how much, should i take more glutamine at bedtime with my amino acids??
I also take whey protein, I just read about it being a slow digestive protein, and i dont think i am gonna start buying all different kinds of protein yet,,, but when should i take this? any certain times??
i just started hydroxycut to loose a little bit of fat in the midsection, which is my main goal!!, but should i take this in conjunction with anything else?? should i cycle it cause i heard it stops working after a while?
I also take............. strength fuel by twinlab with ZMA , the zinc and magnesium aspartate... should i take it before bed.. i was told i should take zmass before bed cause it has some terribulous in it to boost your levels off testosteronne, but i didnt buy that cause i am going broke on all this **** that i already have... should i take the strength fuel before bed??
what is Pyruvate fuel?? is it a fat burner or what??
for my father with heart problems are there any energy pills that dont mess with your heart???
I also take andro-4, i have taken it in the past and maybe aquired a little bit of bitch tits, i know that sounds bad but just slightly noticable to me anyways in a tight shirt, is this from andro, should i not take it, should i take 19nor which i heard is stronger, should i make sure i take shorter cycles?
and what should i do to tone out my chest?
I have heard about depleting your ATP during a workout should i take ribose for that which is what i heard is the roots of ATP ... is creatine enough to cover that.... ?
what do l-carnitine and taurine do??

I take a lot of ****!!! and sometimes just for the sake of taking it, being 19 none of my friends lift so I am trying to learn but a lot of stuff is hearsay info, some people like this and some people like that and it works for them but not for someone else???
and what is the whole insulin thing you guys were talking about spiking it during a workout???
I know insulin is a big hormore for growth but what is some info on it???
Another question i have is should i add anything to all the **** i take??? should i cycle any of it?? i know some you should for your kidneys....
do steiroids mess with your system as bad as people say??
would one cycle be that bad, and... is it that good that i would probable do it again?
would i stop taking some of the supplements that i am on to save money cause the steiroids would help out some of the processes?
am i spending to much money on gimmics??/
what time should i take all this ****?
sometimes i feel that i take so many pills my body doesnt get a chance to digest is all and it just shits it all out??
well thanks for the time.....