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Thread: Dogg Crapp training--any thoughts

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    Dogg Crapp training--any thoughts

    Has anyone here tried Dogg Crapp training?

    Just wondering what it was like and what results you got.
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    I know some folks who did it. They made the same progress they did on any other program where they worked hard.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul Stagg
    I know some folks who did it. They made the same progress they did on any other program where they worked hard.

    The reason DC reccomends it only for advanced trainees is becuase you need to have the ability to work hard and isolate it on one exercise for one set per bodypart, if you fanny around you wont gain anything.

    Which is why intensity can be traded with volume to a degree....

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    I couldn't do those HIT-type workouts... you really need a dedicated spotter everytime you work out if you want to do them correctly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul Stagg
    I know some folks who did it. They made the same progress they did on any other program where they worked hard.

    I found that to be pretty much the exact same. I seem to have gotten slightly stronger a tad bit faster than with other programs. I liked it but enjoy my own routine better.

    I find that from most of the boards I have read and the experience I've seen, the people who really seem to blow up on it are people who previously were seriously overtraining or just not pushing themselves/tracking progress properly.
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    I like it, although I don't train that way. I train more for power/athleticism, myself. I think it's one of the best hypertrophy systems out there, but of course it's not a magic bullet. If you boil away all of the science and the little ins and outs of the program (at least what Dante has laid out publically) the big thing he's trying to get across is that people need to work hard. Most don't. The system sort of makes you work hard if you do it right. If one put that much effort into their workouts every time then a lot of systems will get you great results.

    Also remember that you're not doing "DC Training" unless you're under the guidence of Dante or one of his trainers (he has two or three now, I think). There are a lot of little things that he keeps close to his vest.
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    man i remember a year or two back i was looking into it and there was like a 10page thread on here about youll prob find it...some good info in there
    the grass could be greener, and itll always be greener on the other side, but you just never know....this could be the one


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