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Thread: RycherX's Journal beginning 1/18/2001

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    RycherX's Journal beginning 1/18/2001

    I'm starting a journal here. I am 171 lbs 5 ft 10 1/2 inch @ about 10% body fat. Goal: 175 lbs 5% body fat.

    Currently taking about 2400 calories
    10 g of glutamine/day
    3 caps of Methoxy power.

    I just began seeing a personal trainer for the next 2 months.

    Day 1.


    3 warm up sets of 95 lbs 10 reps
    1 set of 115 lbs 10 reps
    2 sets of 135 lbs 12 reps
    1 set of 115 lbs to failure
    1 set of 95 lbs to failure

    dumbell fly

    2 sets 25 lbs 12 reps
    1 set 20 lbs burnout.

    incline dumbells

    3 sets 25 lbs 10 reps

    4 sets of tricep pull downs
    reps of 12

    Funny how strong I look and lean I look and only lifting so little weights. Maybe it is the intense workout and only having 45 sec rest each. It seems like I'm growing fine with light weights.

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    How long have you been lifting?

    Oh and good for you creating a journal here. I find it helps out.
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    I've been working out for about 1 year.
    I was 145 lbs. Now I'm almost 175 or so.
    I've made huge gains 7 months into it but have leveled off.
    My intensity has dropped. I just got myself a personal trainer for the next two months to push my training to the next level.

    I'm pretty happy where I am at physically now.
    I now look really good in clothes and in swimming trunks.

    I can be a little more vascular and lean.

    I'll post a pic sometime.


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    and yet another North Texan...

    good luck to ya

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    Good luck with achieving your goals bro..

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    Training Day #2

    Oh boy was it a hellish leg day.
    I haven't touched legs in about 3 weeks or so.
    I only had about 45 sec. rest in between sets.

    Leg press (10 rep each)
    -3 warm up sets
    2 sets of 90lbs
    1 set of 180 lbs

    -3 killer sets
    1 set @ 270 lbs
    2 sets @ 360 lbs

    Squat Rack (10 rep each)
    - 2 set at 135 lbs
    - 1 set at 155 lbs
    - 1 set at 175 lbs

    Leg extensions (10 reps each)
    - 3 sets of 90 lbs

    Leg curls ( 10 reps each)
    - 3 sets of 90 lbs

    3 sets of 30 yd lunges

    I couldn't sleep that night because my legs were so so tired.
    I loaded up on 15 g of glutamine that night and a caplet of Methoxy.


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