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    Useful Spreadsheet I made...

    I've been tracking my progress using a spreadsheet and I think others could use it too.

    It's an Excel format spreadsheet, without any VB since most people have disabled macro's.

    It has the following/calculates the following:

    Split Sched.
    Body composition day-by-day log with Fat/Muscle gained/lost. (based on Weight and BF%)
    Body composition calculation sheet. (based on age, weight, height in inches, BF%) It calculates Lean Body Mass, BMI, BMR for Male/Female at 3 diffrent activity levels (low,moderate,heavy). It also has a 1 rep Max calculator (given Weight and Reps) and a table of weight based off of your LBM with diffrent amounts of body fat in 1% incriments.
    Metric-Imperial conversion sheet.

    All formulas used are found on google in known places.

    Feel free to comment on whether or not its useful, any features you'd like to see, modify it as much as you want etc.

    Download here.

    EDIT: Tell me if the link works...
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