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Thread: pain in elbow after deadlifts

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    pain in elbow after deadlifts

    Ever since I started deadlifting I've had pain in my right elbow as soon as a few hours after deadlifting and usually lasting throughout the next day. It's always just the one elbow, and it's always the same pain. Some basic movements just create a sharp pain in the elbow once, and then I can sit there and do it over and over and over and it won't be painful...but then a minute later some different movement will cause pain. For some background I am ligament laxative in almost all of my joints so I don't know if that has anything to do with this...and it's been happening since I started DLing at ~135lbs and it seems to be the worst since I just pulled 285 last night, the pains started happening within 3 hours. Any one have ideas on what this is, or does anyone else get this?
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