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Thread: [noob] 4000 calories?!

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    [noob] 4000 calories?!

    So this friend of mine recommended WBB... I plug everything into Fitday, and it says I burned almost 4000 calories:
    (I'm 19, 6'5", 214)

    Thing is, there's no way I ate that many, and I doubt I do on a regular basis. Does this mean I need to start eating a lot more?

    When I do, it seems like I gain weight really rapidly -- after I started having a whole wheat bagel with egg & ham every morning, I was putting on a pound every two days! Since I have more fat than I'd like, I'm not sure if I want that to continue. Or am I seriously undereating and need more food to lose the fat and gain muscle?

    I've been working out for over a year with some results, but nothing spectacular.

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    I plug everything into Fitday, and it says I burned almost 4000 calories
    Don't judge how much you burned by FitDay. Manipulate your calories according to your own progress.
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    Yes, at your size you need to eat more. To find out how much, track on fitday. When your weight doesnt change, that's your maintenance calories. I'd take a ballpark guess at 3500, but of course it will vary person to person.

    Your diet is crap. You need to double your protein at least. Definately take a look at the sticky threads in this forum and have a look at other peoples fitdays.

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    i second - protein intake is VERY low for a 214lb guy (I eat >200g protein and I weigh 154). Definately go to the 4kcal range. Read the stickies, read the "what a bodybuilder eats" thread in the nutrition forum - this helped me a lot on food choises (search).
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