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Thread: Look, I admit I'm a big joke- Help needed!

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    Look, I admit I'm a big joke- Help needed!

    I guess I'll just get straight to the point... For the last 3 years I have been in and out of gyms, with stretches of solid dedication and stretches of terrible (non-existent?) diet and training. I'm 6'7"... 3 years ago I was probably a soft 192 lbs. Today I am about 198-200, and a lil softer than 3 years ago. At my peak (Aug. 2004 probably) I was about 212 lbs. lifting great numbers (numbers I haven't hit since). Then it's slid down due to a lack of training and diet focus, mostly caused by life stresses. Today, compared to 3 years ago, I clearly have somewhat larger muscles here and there and my strength is much higher, but all in all I'm nothing. And that's fine, I had a LOT going on in my life the last 3 years so I can understand why I'm not on the cover of Men's Health this month.

    So that's what got me to where I am today, for better or worse. Now I'm concerned with going forward... And this is where your guys' advice comes in. I'm 22, self-employed with a lot of flexibility, time, determination and even money, all available to use in crafting a good body. I'm soft around the midsection, no definition anywhere, so my first instinct is to do 6 weeks or so on the Ultimate Diet 2.0, which will, in theory, quickly slash the fat and possibly add some muscle. Another thought is to enter a program such as DoggCrapp Training, which purportedly packs on lean muscle rather quickly without adding extensive amounts of bodyfat. One program could be done before the other. Or neither could be used and some other program could be used if it is beneficial. I'm open to all suggestions.

    Basically my goal would be to get ripped and bigger. I could see myself being happy at say 215 and like 7% bodyfat, which would probably mean 1 cycle of UD2 plus adding 20 pounds of LBM. I ask WBB, what would you do in my shoes... cuz I'm listening and more likely than not I'll end up doing what you guys advise. So let me know what you think... thanks.

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    Ok, you know how to train. I'd recommend a 4 day upper/lower, Westside, or fullbody training. I also like DC.

    Do you know how to eat? If so, start eating like good food. If not, read 'what a bodybuilder eats.' It's a sticky in the nutrition forum.

    Personally, I'd start eating right first, making small changes, to get back into the lifestyle. I'd also opt for a 4 day upper/lower split for the mo', as to make the transition from normal to bber as easy as possible. DC might be a bit much after a hiatus.
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