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Thread: Alternating bulking and cutting rapidly?

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    Alternating bulking and cutting rapidly?

    Hey, first post here.

    So the general consensus is, the best way to put on muscle is to bulk, because without excess calories, gaining muscle is near impossible (or at least very difficult/unlikely), and the best way to lose fat is to cut, because you need a calorie deficit to burn fat. During bulking, the goal is to maximize muscle gains while minimizing fat, and during cutting, the goal is to maximize fat burn while minimizing muscle loss. That all makes sense to me.

    Usually when people do bulking and cutting cycles, they do them for months at a time. However, this creates an obvious problem: at the peak of a bulk, people usually have quite a bit of excess fat, while at the peak of a cut, people are usually at their weakest.

    As an answer to this problem, is it possible to frequently alternate between bulking and cutting? As in, every week, for example? One week, you could eat a lot of excess calories, and minimize cardio, while the next week, you would create a calorie deficit and increase the cardio. The whole time, the diet would be clean and very high in protein, and the weightlifting would be consistent and intense. It seems like this would also take advantage of a person's metabolism. When someone cuts, their metabolism eventually slows down after the body becomes used to surviving on less food. Likewise, after bulking, metabolism eventually speeds up to handle the extra food. By alternating every week, right when a person's metabolism is speeding up from the bulk, you would start cutting, and you could use this increased metabolism to help out in the cutting process. Same in reverse for bulking. The idea would be, at the end of two weeks, there would be slight increases in muscle mass and decreases in fat (slight gains, but it would add up over time).

    Does this make any sense? Are there any reasons this wouldn't work, and why do people always bulk and cut for long periods of time? Has anybody tried this? Looking forward to some responses.
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