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Thread: Is Crossfit alone enough?

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    Rex, in the short term you may see more gains by using specific movements. In the long term, you'll wish you paid more attention to this stuff. Again, I'm not trying to convince you to use it, but to ignore or discount the benefits, however indirect, isn't really fair. But to each their own.

    I've trained a number of years using the same principles pushed by crossfit: big compound movements, calisthenics, plyometrics, and HIIT. I probably didn't randomize these enough to suit a crossfit purist, but the principles were still there. So no, I don't understand your point. I may have a more organized approach to apply the principles I've used in the past, and some of those principles may be pushed a little harder than others to bring up my weak points, but there haven't been any fundamental changes in principles.

    Crossfit isn't just high intensity cardio. I know that's the part everyone latches on to when they try to dismiss it, but that's only one aspect.

    The problem is that Mitch turned this into a debate about WODs when that wasn't the original question (look at the title of the thread if you want to know what this discussion is about). But regardless, even if follow the WOD and adjust the weight to suit your level, you'd still make damn good progress. Maybe he will tell you not to increase the weight, because you know, that might produce results. Maybe we should tell him not to increase the weight from week to week either.

    AND Mitch, the numbers I got were from your picture thread. The lifts were in the 5-8 rep range, except the deadlift, so the comparison to Jodi's lifts are legit.

    The spreadsheet is accurate. I'm actually really surprised you're so adamant about pursuing this debate considering your numbers are in line with the numbers of a 110lbs girl who has been training for 6 months using nothing but Crossfit. Your 2 year numbers will be passed before she has 18 months in the gym. Hell, she's probably ~3-4 months away from the squat/deadlift and she would have to lose strength to match your bench press.

    This thread has run its course a long time ago and I'm not overly keen on turning this into a "I'm better than you" thread. You asked for it, so I delivered, but this will be the end of the discussion.

    If you wish to continue this discussion, feel free to PM me.
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