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Thread: Strongman training in the park?

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    Strongman training in the park?

    Ok so the weather is starting to get nicer. Sun's out, grass is growing. Leaves are peaking out. And I'm eager to flip tires...

    Never tried before but I think it would be cool. I doubt my posh gym would want to have a 300-400Lb tire setup in their parking lot. So I figured I could possibly find a public park where getting together with some friends and training.

    Things I could do - flip tire (I could get my hands on a large throwaway tire from the local tire place - those look awesome just sitting there)

    Farmer's walk - would need to build a nice apparatus out of rail road ties.

    Atlas Stones - need to make some first and get my hands on some barrels.

    Car pulls? - hmm I could strap myself to my jeep and pull it. (if I'm strong enough) Oh maybe find someone with a light car... hehe.

    Do you think I'm crazy? I wonder if I could get in trouble with police for whatever...

    /Will need a waiver of liability for sure
    //Maybe a good layer too
    ///Yay for slashes
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