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Thread: Are you sure about these methods?

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    Are you sure about these methods?

    Hi. I just happened upon these forums about a week ago and picked up a new routine on one of the threads. This is it:

    Bench 5x5
    Rows 3x8
    Tricep push downs 3x8
    Squat 3x5
    Calf raises 3x8
    Curls 3x8
    Military Press 3x8
    Pull-ups 3x8
    Lat Raises 3x8
    DL 3x3
    Leg curls 3x8

    So I did that last week. Reason I switched originally was because my bench press plateaued at about a max of 155 6 or 7 times... I also wanted to start including other lifts in my routine, as my old routine was this:

    A-Day: Bench 3 sets to failure
    Lat Pull Down 3x12
    Tri Push Down 3x10
    B-Day: Military Press 3 sets to failure
    curls 3x15

    And as I said my bench press plateaued. So the first day of this routine(monday last week) I did my bench press and used 155 and got 7, 4, 3 and stopped there because all those reps were all I could get out... So I came back today and put 145 on and began to go for the 5x5 scheme. What ended up happening was on the very first set I struggled to get the 5th rep, and that was using pretty bad form to begin with... So I ended up like this 5x5,5,5,5,3 and on the last set a spotter helped me with 2 extra.

    So my overall question here is why was my bench press' weight soo much lower? From 155x7 first set to 145x5? Please help, this is really depressing me, and I want to know if this is just a bad routine before I continue with it. Thank you for anything your experience might be able to offer me!
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