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Thread: Weigh in

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    Weigh in

    I am entering a bench comp. on Friday April 21st about 4 days from now. It's a little late for this question but I would like to compete at 165, however, my current weight has been fluctuating b/w 168.5 and 166.5lbs. What's the best way to loose some water weight before the comp. and not loose stength?? Thanks

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    spit alot. Try a sauna if you have access. Do a little bit of cardio and watch your food intake. dont eat the morning of the comp and then take a mad dump right before you weigh in. then afterward. eat ass tons of carbs and drink alot of water to rehydrate. you have plenty of time to loose three pounds.
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    lmao^ that post is hilarious, but nonetheless true

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    4 days is long enough to lose 10 lbs

    3 is nothing...
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    You'll be fine. Just don't eat anything the day of and piss out every last drop right before weigh-in.
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    lower your watger intake over the days leading up and cut back on your food so much. i would suggest alot of cardio in lots of layers the night before or before the weigh in and maybe a sauna sweat it out
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    3 lbs is nothing. Just make sure to have plenty of water and gatorade (and food) on hand for after you weigh in.

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    Like most have been saying, 3lbs is nothing. Eat a light dinner the night before, check your weight the morning of and make adjustments accordingly. Make sure to eat and take in enough fluids following the weigh-in.
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    good to see you post somewhere other than my journal. Good luck to you and matt this weekend.
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    As a 3 year wrestler, I know how to cut weight.

    Any food that you cut back on is only going to help you loose glucose. Honestly, have you ever weighed your food? A hamburger is like 6 ounces. A big glass of water can be a pound.

    Here's what I would do: eat pretty much whatever you want. Don't go crazy, but try and get alot of carbs in the night before- don't take into consideration calories but how much the food weighs. Either way, just make sure you don't weigh over 168-9 when you go to bed. You'll probably float 2lbs or so that night (glucogen and the early morning pee). The day of, weigh yourself in the morning. Loosing 1 lb is nothing, but even if you're still 3 lbs over, you can wear a hoody and sweats, and with a light jog you could loose it anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. During the season i would consistantly loose 5 lbs during practice, without a sweat suit or even a hoodie. This is of course if your weigh in is a few hours into the morning - if its at like 6 Am, just make sure you're nowhere more than a pound over when you go to bed.

    Don't spit a lot. That causes cotten mouth, and unless you're spitting a loogie every 5 minutes, you won't loose more than a few ounces. You can use a sauna but it is unnecessary unless you are lazy and don't want to jog with a hoodie and sweats on.

    Excessive cardio is also unnecessary; again you are not trying to burn calories but loose water weight. Do it to get a sweat going but don't go run a fast mile or something. Skip rope. Use a stationary bike. Jog lightly. With a hoodie/sweats on you'll loose weight faster than you would beleive, even if it doesn't feel like you're sweating excessively.

    2nd thing: CHECK THEIR SCALE. Dear lord this is important. 168 on your scale could be 171 on theirs. Also make sure you weigh in in your boxers - the cloths you wear can weigh up to 10 lbs, though usually a t-shirt and shorts will weigh 3. Shoes may weigh 2-4.

    3rd thing; This is a little late advice, but I would tell you to know your body, meaning how much weight you float overnight and how long it takes you to loose x amount of weight wearing a hoodie/sweats. Make a mental note of both of these during this weekend for future competitions.

    Make sure you hydrate and get plenty of electrolights after you weigh in.
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    Thanks everybody for all the great advice. I'll keep you posted on how it goes.


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