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Thread: fran for first time, 13 minutes

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    fran for first time, 13 minutes

    i tried fran today. i scaled it back a bit, using 85lb thrusters instead of 95lb. i've never done a thruster before, so i was unsure of what weight to use. i tried it with just a bar, then with 65lbs, then 85lbs. 85 felt real heavy, so i was afraid to try 95.

    13 minutes even. it was a lot faster than i expected, but i think i can do it as rx'd next time in under 15. crossfit workouts are no joke. i got some stares in my gym. no doubt people doing kickbacks think i'm nuts. more details in my journal.
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    Sounds good my friend. I've never done Fran before, but I imagine it (along with every other CF WoD) is a lot tougher than it sounds.
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    Fran whooped my ass when I tried her. Something like 12 minutes and a few seconds.
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    Nice work especially for your first time.
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    Good stuff, benny! I still get nervous every time I see Fran come up in the WOD ...
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