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Thread: would this work....

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    would this work....

    i am about 30lbs overweight.. but i have been lifting for ? is ..if i hit the weights hard and heavy would the extra lbs turn into muscle.. i see people always trying to gain weight and i already have the weight... so if i hit the weights hard would it effect my appearance..thanks

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    Yes it would work. The fat won't necessarily turn into muscle. But, by working out and eating enough food you will build muscle.

    Muscle burns calories and fat doesn't. So the extra muscle is going to burn extra calories which is going to reduce your fat.

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    It will work much, much slower than adjusting your diet and throwing in some cardio though. Keep lifting but if you wanna lose that 30lbs you'll have to do more.
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    0 cannot turn fat into muscle ! muscle is muscle, fat is fat


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    You can't turn fat into muscle true, but like syntekz say, you can gain muscle which will burn the fat.. Same time, like ElPietro said, if you want to lose the 30 quicker, then cut back on calories and do cardio if you aren't already.

    It all depends on your goals really. If you decide to do a true cutting period, then you'll lose/stop gaining strength (you don't just lose fat), but at the same time, if you want to continue gaining muscle, then you can do that and lose the weight if you watch what you eat (try to maintain or barely exceed BMR).. this of course will slow down your gains.


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    Hit the weights, but watch the diet. 30lbs is quite a bit. You may need to look at what and how you are eating.

    Muscle and fat are two separate things. You can reduce both, increase both, reduce one or the other, increase one or the other, but unless you have some WAY cool magic wand, you ain't turning anything into anything!
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