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Thread: Great Starting Strength article

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    Great Starting Strength article

    This is one of the best articles I have read in a long time. I know lots here use Starting Strength. Check this out

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    Actually, all of the article over there are good reads filled with useful information. Ever try the Starr Rehab Program? It's great for rehabbing muscle injuries without having to lose much strength at all in the meantime.
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    Nice's a couple of quotes that stood out for me...

    Star - the more simple a program, the more it will achieve the desired results, which is greater functional strength.

    Jowett - in order to gain strength heavy weights have to be handled, and when strength is given priority, development will follow.

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    That was definately a great article!

    I've been training this MMA and Jujitsu stuff for the past year or so, and they focus mostly on technique and conditioning, but they pay very little attention to strength. I do that on my own time! I can tell just by going up against the other guys in my class that are on an equal level of fighting as me, that I am at an advantage because I am stronger then them.

    Obviously, there are better fighters then me, and they always kick my a**. But all other factors being equal, the stronger athlete has the advantage. And that is why I always whoop the other fairly new guys' a**es (the ones who have only been training for a year or less).

    That's not to mention about how happy it makes me to read an article that hates machine use as much as I do. Man, I wish some of the guys at my gym would have this mindset (I don't know why I care, but I do...I guess I just feel like they are being misinformed, and I feel bad for them).
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    Great article, I definitely forwarded it on to some people that I know that use machines. Thanks for posting.
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