For those familiar with 20 rep squat sets:

I typically have kept it simple with squat sets, that being two warm-up sets, then worksets of 6-10 reps working my way up with weight with a 1RM here and there.

I've recently began doing 20 rep squat sets, and I was looking for feedback on my approach to it. I split my leg training into two (Quads and hams on separate days). When doing 20 rep squats, it looks something like this:

1. Warm-up with bar
2. Lightweight warm-up
3. 20 rep work set
4. 20 rep work set (same weight from previous workset, or added weight)
5. Lower rep, heavy set
6. Lower rep, heavy set

I also sometimes throw in a high-rep lower weight burn-out set to get some extra bloodflow to the quads. In your opinion, is this an efficient method of doing 20 rep worksets with squats? I've read to avoid combinations of 20 reps with lower reps with heavy weight.

Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.