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Thread: shoulder pain

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    shoulder pain

    Hello, I need a little help with my shoulder. About a week ago I did a chest workout, kinda heavy for me, but about for hours after I got a pain in my shoulder. It felt like someone dropped something on it. It seems to be going away but I can still kinda feel an ache. I dont know what it could be cause I still have full range of movement and no serious pain. Can someone tell me if this is a normal injury and what i should do. Also how long do I have to stay away froom the weights, cause im dying to lift!.

    Also, could this be a result of overtraining. I am new to lifting and started seeing good results. I was goint to the gym everyday. Chest, back, shoulder, and i would continue this over and over. Not resting much. Not stretching properly either?
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    today i felt a shoulder pain like urs.... i jus stretched more and it helped to relieve the lil pain.... it was nothing big...

    i would suggest stretching and allowing ur muscles a couple days to recover before u workout again.... it's better to be safe than sorry rite
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