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Thread: Will i gain fat?

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    The deal is i am 16 years old,5 "10" about 165. I would like to gain about 10 to 15 pounds for next football season and i heard the way to do it is eat a gram of protein for every pound you weight. So I a going to do that. I have been lifing on and off for a while and am one of the strongest kids in my grade.....this spring i am hitting the weights big time for football but need to gain a little more weight than just lifting alone can do(also i have a very fast metabolism)......SO if i start eating like a pig and getting all kinds of protein will i gain to much fat??? please help me out....thanks
    Note: i run track so i get alot of exorcise that maybe could burn sum of that fat......

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    Depends on the quality of protein ....... Burgers, Sausages, pork lamb .... etc .... yeah maybe. Steak, Fish, Egg whites, Skim Milk, Chicken ...... No probebly not.
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