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Thread: Goodwinner's Journal (Determination, Sweat, and Strength)

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    Goodwinm's Journal (Super Size Me!)

    **Updated 22nd October 2013**

    Hello everyone, i'm back and hopefully here to stay!

    I'm now walking miles per day down and uphill on the way to work, (been doing this since June) and have lost a lot of weight
    in the process (and strength too it would seem).

    I'm currently doing things as I please, just trying to stick to volume based training on a 5x5ish scale.

    And then will revert to heavy triples when I feel the time is right. I just want to hit my all time PB's again which are;

    Squat: 200kg (440lbs)
    Deadlift: 230kg (506lbs)
    Bench: 140kg (308lbs)

    That is all really.



    **The rest of this post goes back to 2006 so ignore that, (Should you be interested, lol)

    Ok, ive decided to start a journal here of my lifting . So for those of you who dont know me.
    I am Mike, been here for a few months now and have gained alot of useful information for which i am truley greatful .
    So on with the show. My ongoing goal is simply to become stronger and look bigger than I am. To get to a size and strength that i am happy with.
    My stats are as follows.

    Age: 16
    Height: 5ft 6
    Weight: (as of 23 april 2006) 70kg (154lbs)
    BMI = 24.9 (nearly overweight) lol. just mainly muscle I promise.

    Ideal Height: 5ft 8 (never gonna happen, unless i have a growth spurt) lol
    Ideal Weight: 77kg (170lbs) (By end of this year)

    I have now started a new routine. My routine consists of 5 sets of each exercise i do. Each set will start with 6 reps, and after each set the weight will be increased. Its working a treat for me at the moment.

    So I hope you enjoy reading my Journal. Well i say enjoy. If your idea of fun is reading numbers from a website I sympathise with you. I hope you find it interesting i should say.

    Well on with the posting. Ill post the workout i did today in a new message.

    Sunday: Working Out
    Monday : Resting
    Tuesday: Working Out
    Wedsenday: Resting
    Thrusday: Working Out
    Friday: Resting
    Saturday: Working Out

    So Monday im very much depleted of strength and its a very good rest day. I make sure i eat a hell of alot on Mondays.

    Thanks for reading.
    Mike G.
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    My Journal

    Squat: 150kg (330lbs) Raw- 31.01.14
    Deadlift: 180kg x 3 (396lbs) Raw - 14.12.13
    Bench: 110kg (242lbs) Raw - 29.01.14
    Barbell Military Press: 85kg (187lbs) Raw- 31.01.14
    Barbell Push Press: 100kg (220lbs) Raw- 31.01.14


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