Thursday 1st June 2006

Decided to not rest today! I think i owed it to myself to workout today due to yesterdays coffuffle (spelling?) of losing the garage key. (turned ouy my dad had left it in his car when he went to work).. Oh wel on with the show. Solid workout for me again. Feeling good. Shoulder's a little ached, think i tweaked something.


Military Press

6 x 123
4 x 128
2 x 132
2 x 136
1 x 141 (yer Im okayish pleased with these)

BB Bent Over Row

6 x 163
6 x 172
6 x 180
4 x 189
3 x 198 (PR)
2 x 198

Fookin yes! Shouted Smoke Rock before workout, must have been what gave me the extra rep on 198! hehe (Cheers Kev)

Straight into deadlifts once again, but today I was sick of 198lbs and nothing more. So I did some One Arm Barbell Deadlifts with lighter weight. Worked well! Damn its harder tho. Especially to keep the bar balanced!

One Arm Barbell Deadlifts *all with an overhand grip*

132 x 6r, 5l
141 x 5r, 3l
150 x 3r, 1l
154 x 1r, 1l
163 x 1r, 1l

Wow. Different! Felt good too. So I did 163lbs with right and then left. so Double that, can give me a rough estimate of a deadlift i know i can do. Which would be 326lbs. So that was after a workout. Im starting to get quite excited about what my max potential is now!! hehe. I wreckon in a couple of weeks, i'll be able to do 80kg (176lbs) one arm deadlifts Which would equal about 352lbs. hmmmm. Its all good for now!