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Thread: Goodwinner's Journal (Determination, Sweat, and Strength)

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    I am still alive!! lol Honest.

    Me had a little break from weights hehe. Spent the weekend with Hannah! Been fantastic! Took her for an indian meal on saturday night, we both went to a house party on sunday nite (wasnt c. good, got chucked out at 9.30pm!! lol so we just pissed around the park until midnight), and weve been trying not to roast in this blazing uncomfortable heatwave that is sweaping on us at the moment! damn its murder to try and sleep. Especially when theres two of us in the bed creating loads more body heat! lol

    I did get some press ups and tri work in at Hannah's before i went to bed last night, just to give my chest and tri's some serious pumpage!!
    And one more thing. Ive been eating like an oxe the past few days! lol. Lots of frankferters, burgers, and pork sausages! and salmon fish cakes! mmmmm

    and one last thing. Ive been pissing around recently with my weighing scales, just seeing how strong my grip was on them (with both hands togethor). I keep doing it everyday. And my grip is getting stronger. I gripped 13 stone 7 the other day which I was quite proud of hehe.
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    My Journal

    Squat: 150kg (330lbs) Raw- 31.01.14
    Deadlift: 180kg x 3 (396lbs) Raw - 14.12.13
    Bench: 110kg (242lbs) Raw - 29.01.14
    Barbell Military Press: 85kg (187lbs) Raw- 31.01.14
    Barbell Push Press: 100kg (220lbs) Raw- 31.01.14


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