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Thread: Shoulder Pain

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    Shoulder Pain

    Hello, I need a little help with my shoulder. About a week ago I did a chest workout, kinda heavy for me, but about for hours after I got a pain in my shoulder. It felt like someone dropped something on it. It seems to be going away but I can still kinda feel an ache. I dont know what it could be cause I still have full range of movement and no serious pain. Can someone tell me if this is a normal injury and what i should do. Also how long do I have to stay away froom the weights, cause im dying to lift!. Forgot to mention that I wasnst stretching out at all, just jumping right into the wieghts.
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    I injuried my tricep/shoulder last week lifting to much, could only lift my arm to about shoulder level before the pain was to much. Slapped a Ben-Gay patch on the area went to bed and when i woke up about 9 hours later the pain was gone. Learned my lesson to lift only what i know i can and dont puch myself to fast/hard.

    Stayed away from the gym for two days before i got the patch. It helped me not sure if it will help you just a suggestion.
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