Ok this will seem a tad strange to you massive folk over this side of the internet forum world but I am a cyclist :evillaugh lol. I ride anywhere between 400-700km's a week, I am 5 ft 11 and weigh 120 pounds (minimum race weight) yet I train a lil higher. I would like to think my cardio and endurance aren't too shabby and my power is constantly improving as i move up the grades in races...eventually i would like to become a proffesional. thats the intro.

Over at http://www.cyclingforums.com/t336308.html there is a very interesting thread on the effects of weight training on endurance and power.
It seems weight training can be detrimental for one major reason, gaining weight (hypertrophy), ever tried riding a bicycle up a 5km plus hill? trust me weight= bad!!! I do believe however that if I can gain a bit of strength into my puny cyclist body that I will have a better sprint at the end of races...PROVIDING I DONT HYPERTROPHY IN WHICH CASE I WONT MAKE IT TO THE END OF THE RACE lol.

Even for a cyclist i am light and I definitely don't want to give that advantage away after all I am an endurance athlete...do you guys have any ideas on gaining strength/ strength endurance and still staying light. I have heard there are two options...massive weights and very low reps 1-2 or heaps of reps and low weight (body weight) ie. push ups, crunches, reverse dips, step ups, calf raises etc etc...

I would really appreciate your thoughts on this issue because in the cycling world atleast this is a VERY HOT!!! issue at the moment.

By the way dont you ripped beasts forget two very important parts of your body: heart and lungs, sorry couldn't help myself, I AM a cyclist after all.