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    Fun with dieting!

    Okay, I figure there are already plenty of masturbatory journals up on the web without me adding mine, but I can't help myself. I'm not really doing this for anyone else to read, just trying to give myself a kick in the ass. No bullshit. I'll post my namby-pamby poundages, diet, everything. If anyone want's to give suggestions, point and snicker, whatever, be my guest. Let's get thing going then.

    I've been dieting now for about 6 weeks. I'm trying to be gradual as typically I'm an impatient guy. You know, the kind of person who's says "Dude, I'm gonna be hyoooge in six weeks. 25lbs. of muscle. Ellington Darden says you can do it." Then six weeks later, I'm looking like a beached whale. I still generally adhere to pretty low-volume routines, but for the past 6-7 months I've started to learn that slow and steady, does indeed, win the race. So what the **** does all that mean? It means I've been trying to lose .5-1 lb a week, not 2-3 lbs. I'm not using a ketogenic diet, I can't stick with them. Lord know I've tried, but after after two weeks I get this maniacal look on my face, order a large pizza with everything, several bottles of coke, and gorge myself until I pass into a hazy glucose and fat induced coma.

    So this time I'm taking a different approach. Basically, I'm using all the latest science(Whoooh, bet you've heard that one before.) I've been using a cyclical isocaloric diet with planned refeeds every 3 days. You want that in English? Okay. Basically, it means I'm getting about 33% of my calories from carbs, 33% from protein, and 33% from fat. After 3 days of dieting I eat about 20% above maintenance calories. Most of these come from glucose and glucose polymers(Maltodextrin and dextrose.) along with some food I actually like eating. The idea is to help keep leptin levels high, as these typically drop substantially on a reduced calorie diet. Leptin is probably, the key hormone when it comes to weightloss. You might have read about the gene-altered mice that balooned up--yup, they didn't produce any leptin. Glucose metabolism is the primary cause of leptin expression, so that's what the refeeds are designed to do. You should keep fat and fructose minimal and protein at about 1g per lb of bodyweight. You can find some more interesting stuff if so inclined at
    It's kinda scientific-y, but interesting.

    As for my lifting routines, it's pretty low-volume. Even more so than my usual, as I feel while dieting volume *must* be reduced to avoid overtraining. Sort of Dorian Yates-ish HIT. Except I use good form(I'm not planning on tearing any biceps soon.)

    My starting stats were: 5'11'', 217lbs, 18.3% bodyfat
    My current stats are: 5'11'', 205 lbs, 16.7% bodyfat
    (Just as a note, the figures most people throw out for bodyfat are so pathetically wrong so that you might think I'm a fat-ass. No, I can see my abs; when I'm lifting the vein on my biceps bulge out. Not ripped, but I'm no tub-o-lard either. If I used the kind of figure most people give I'd be 11% bodyfat.)

    Anyway, let's get started.

    (BTW, apologies to Belial for kinda ripping off the name of his journal. Wasn't intended and doesn't seem I can fix it. Oh, well. C'est la vie.)
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