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    Day 7 - 1/26/02

    You might notice I take a fair amount of supplements. Do I think they're necessary? No, not at all. Hard, intelligent work in the gym, proper eating, and sufficient rest will net you 95% of your gains. Supplements are probably only gonna get you that last measly 5%. I consider myself a fairly intelligent guy. I was a National Merit Scholar(Whoopie f*cking do, huh?), have never had my IQ tested, but on my father's side of the family have an uncle in MENSA, a great uncle who helped design several of the Apollo rockets and lunar landing vechicles, a father who scored an IQ somewhere around 180, and a cousin who received a similar score, and mother's father was a head engineer at GM to boot. (On a side note, I think IQ tests mean jack sh*t. Why else would Marilyn Vos Savant--the "most intelligent woman in the world" be writing a column for Parade magazine instead of curing cancer, composing staggering works of music, etc.) So, anyway, my point--and, yes, I do have one--is that I'm not a utter and complete moron. Just luck of the genetic draw(Frankly, I think I'd rather have big muscles). But when I see some new ad for "Super Anabol Extreme 2000" promising to pack 15lbs of muscle onto my fairly average frame in two weeks, my eyes glaze over like Jared Fogel as he passes by Dunkin' Donuts on the way to Subway. "Maybe, it's true.", I say to myself, "Ya' know supplement companies nowadays are real scientific. They wouldn't lie." I shell out 30 or 40 bucks against my better judgment, take the stuff religiously, and then end up remarking to anyone who asks about it "Yeah, I think it worked. Made my muscles harder." Or the ever popular "I think I recovered more quickly." Ha! Or at least, this was how things used to work. I've pretty much given up on supplements. I do still use quite a bit, but I stick to the basics--at least for the most part. MRPs are great if you're on the run(BTW, if you're looking for a MRP that uses something other than high-glycemic maltodextrin as a carb-source check out VPX Micellean MRPs. They use ground rice, oat, and barley. They even taste good--if a bit doughy/grainy.) Protein powder is a good way to supplement if you have a hard time eating quite as much protein as you should. And a good multi-vitamin is never a bad idea. But beyond that, and maybe some extra anti-oxidants, EFAs, creatine, and glutamine, you're probably pissing away your money. And even the stuff I've listed ain't essential. As I said, it probably helps only a few percent at best. But at the same time I don't hold with the people who seem to think that your kidneys, liver, and heart are gonna explode if you use ephedrine--which, BTW I also really like. Just look at the available evidence. Do some research. Most people aren't gonna be checking Medline, but check around before you shell out your money for something. The old adage of "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is." is nowhere more applicable than in the world of dietary supplements. And if you see me furtively sneaking out of some GNC with a bottle of ecdysterone, just pretend you didn't see me. Hey, I could be buying crack.


    Overall Comments:
    Damn, I actually enjoy having a day off when it's this infrequent.


    7:30am: 2 eggs, 60g muesli, 1/2 cup milk, 22g whey(49g carbs/8g fiber, 46g protein, 16.5g fat)

    10:30am: 1 Lean Body MRP(27g carbs/0g fiber, 45g protein, 1.5g fat)

    2:30am:Salmon Wrap Sandwich(40g carbs/0g fiber, 29g protein, 30g fat)

    6:30pm: stir-fried chicken and vegetables(54g carbs/8g fiber, 54g protein, 25g fat)

    8:30pm: 8oz. milk, 1 low-fat cupcake(41g carbs/1g fiber, 9g protein, 1.5g fat)

    9:30pm 1 VPX Micellean MRP, 5 fish oil caps(22g carbs/7.5g fiber, 45g protein, 2g fat)

    Calories: 2569kcal
    Carbs/Fiber: 233g/24.5 g
    Protein: 227g
    Fat: 81g

    My diet got a bit mucked up today since I was on the road for most of it. Had to eat lunch at a restaurant, so I'm just guessing on the salmon wrap sandwich(Although I think I'm pretty close to correct.) Had a few calories left over so I gave myself a treat with a cupcake left over from refeed day.

    Got a pretty decent 8.5 hours of sleep, although I did wake up more often that I'd like. I'm gonna skip the ZMA for two more days, then add it back in Monday night and see what happens.

    Also, my lower-back is a bit sore today. Not sure if this is from the Ninjutsu or from bad form on leg-day. I'm gonna be watching this carefully
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