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Thread: Just starting need help

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    Just starting need help

    I'm 5'9 155lb. I lifted weights all though high school. But it was just go lift for a hour to say you lifted kind of thing. Never seen too many results. I have started back lifting at the age of 24. I am want to add some bulk first then around nov. start to cut up. I think i have a pretty good workout set up but please critic.

    Mon: abs 135 total, chest 120 reps total, forearms 36 reps total.

    tuesday: shoulders 88 reps total, biceps 88 reps total,

    Wed: abs 90

    thursday: thigh 72 reps total, calves 90 reps total

    friday: back 88 reps, triceps 88 reps

    is this to many reps i do mainly 10,8,6 reps increasing weight

    Next how much protein, carbs, fats, calories to i need to eat daily. The only thing i'm taking other than protein is creatine and glutamine(may be misspelled). I plan on doing this workout for 5 weeks. One last thing to i need to do and cardio now. Againg thank you.

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    Welcome to the boards, I'm pretty new here too.

    If you want meaningful advice, you should probably post significantly more detail. What exercises are you doing for each part, what exactly are your reps/sets, etc.

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    sorry, i have no idea what's going on in your routine, why so many reps?
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    Read some articles on this site.
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    you need to develop a SPLIT which is basically like a monday wednesday friday saturday or whatever combo u want. u hit a muscle group 1nce or twice a week.

    check out BGB(babygot back) or WBB1(wanna be big: routine 1) and just go by that. i have my own modified work out plan that works really well for me and im about ur size(5 pounds lighter) if you want i can send it to u. its easy to understand.

    and if you want to bulk you just need to eat about 500 calories over your maintenence level. i cant remember how to calculate it but im sure someone else will. Just search the main page and the forums for "Wanna be big routine 1" and "Baby got back" or check the articles section. \

    drink a protein shake or protein mixed with water or milk about 3 times a day(breakfast lunch dinner) and eat alot. you dont need to do much cardio if your bulking because it may just reduce the amount of mass you want to build.

    good luck man
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    Okay I changed around a few things in my workout. After talking to a friend on the phone.

    Workout goes as follows:

    Incline leg pull-ins 3 sets of 20
    Feet against wall situps 3 sets 20
    Dumbell side bends 3 sets 20

    increasing 10reps per set every week

    Bench press 4 sets of 6
    incline bench 4 sets of 6
    decline bench 4 sets of 6
    bench db flyes 3 sets 6

    okay i'm gonna alternate weeks barbell one week dumbbells the next, get me

    palm down wrist curls 3 set 10
    palm up wrist curls 3 sets of 10

    Military press 4 set 6
    Stand behind neck bb raises 4 sets 6
    Laying rear delt raise 4 set 6
    standing front and side raises 3 sets 10

    standing inner biceps curls 4 set 6
    incline db curls 4 sets 6
    preacher seat easy curl bar curls 4 sets 6

    abs again and rest

    thighs and hamstrings

    3x4 1x12(light weight)

    okay i don't know the name of the machine but it's like and incline squat
    1x10 1x6 1x2
    thigh curls --pyramid 10-8-6
    Leg press --pyramid 8-6-4

    Calf raises 3x25

    BackWide grip lat pulldowns 4 set 6
    One arm db rows 4x6
    bent over straight bar rows 4x6
    shrugs 4x10

    over head tricep curls4x6
    Laying tricep curls to forehead( whatever the exercise is called)4x6
    Rope tricep pull downs 4x6


    Okay now critic, I;m going to do this routine for 6 weeks.. Is there enough reps, too many??

    And can some body please tell me how to calculate my calories..

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    Routine critique:
    - Don't bother training forearms - their strength will increase naturally as you lift

    - I've heard behind-the-neck presses are bad for your rotator cuffs, but I'm not sure. Also, too much shoulder work in general, drop an exercise or two.

    - Too much benchpress - take out one of the presses. I would also suggest doing dips instead of flies

    - You sould drop a bicep exercise all together

    - Legs looks decent, but I would put a free weight hamstring exercise in there, like GMs or SLDLs

    - IMO you only need one rowing movement.

    My general consensus is still too much volume.
    These are just my thoughts. I would strongly suggest you check out WBB1 found here:
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    Thanks RED

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    fat 0.8g/lb of LBM (LMB or lean body mass = bodyweight x %of bodyfat / 100 - i.e. i'm 152lb with 17%bf LBM=152x17/100=126), protein 2g/lb of LBM, the rest of the calories will come from carbs

    You probably need 3000cal for maintenance, and should target for +500 to +1000cal for bulking. 1g fat = 9cal, 1g carb = 4cal, and 1g of prot = 4cal

    Track your diet with, it's awesome

    workouts - why 5 weeks? keep it as long as you see gains, which means keep a journal (online or in paper or however you like)
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    Red- is three biceps exercises really too many? I usually do preacher curls with the EZ bar, standing db curls, and then rev curls with the EZ. This is three sets each, 10-8-6 on the reps.

    bt- that "incline squat" you are talking about is probably the hack squat. And the laying triceps "curls" sounds like skullcrushers to me.
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    i do one GOOD exercise for the bicep. 3 sets of 5-8.

    There's no need to alternate db and bb each week. You need to keep it consistence to monitor your progress. but there's no reason why you shouldn't do them on the same day.

    Since you are new to this, eliminate the forearm workouts for now.

    Cut down on shoulder works. You want to provide them a stimilus to grow, now wear them out. shoulders are also being worked with chest and back.

    Again, cut back on bicep. one or two exercises, with 2-3 sets of 4-8 each. Preferably a compound lift.

    >> how long have you been working out your abs?<<

    If are you aLReady doing freeweight squat, there's no need to do hacksquat or leg press. do lunges or something instead.

    I believe the "thigh curl" is leg curl- for hamstring and leg extension is for the quad.

    3 x 25reps of calf raises seem a bit much. but it may work for you.

    PUll up's grip doesn't have to be wide. a 'lil wider than shoulder width should do fine.

    Either do bb row or db row. Both uses similar plane of motion. BB row allows you to use more weight, which can be benefictial if use correctly. DB allows you to focus on one side at a time. if one side is much weaker than the other, you can use this to correct it over time.

    last but not least, cut back on your tricep exercises.

    *** It's not quantity, it's quality that counts.

    I appologize if much of what i said is repetitive


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