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Thread: Tryska's post count

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    You --> <-- Me having my life ruined

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    who really cares how much or when tryska posts?
    I'm glad she's here and she helps hulk out quite a bit
    As long as she's not talking to chicken dadda...

    three cheers for tryska,
    hip hip hooray!

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    hey thanks for the support too maki mak. i appreciate y'all. fo real doe.
    A little learning is a dangerous thing...

    Live Dangerously! Learn a Little!

    Dude, did Doogie Howser just steal my fucking car?

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    I enjoy her execellent posts too, I was just wondering how it was mathmatically possible to have so many?

    BTW, what happened to the penis thread on the General Health forum, was it deleted? That sucks, my last post about the turd on the end of the guys penis literally had me in tears. LMAO!!! I think that thread should be brought back, if for no other reason than so everyone can see that post.

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    Aww man, I didnt read to far into that thread. I musta missed out
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