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Thread: ok i adjusted diet a little what do you think?

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    ok i adjusted diet a little what do you think?

    stats are:
    wieght= 238lbs
    hieght= 6'
    bf%= 24.2%

    yesterday i ate this:
    8:30am cereal kellogs carb watcher ( i know i am switching to oats soon)
    11:30am 4oz chicken w/ 1cup salad and 2tbls of dressing
    2:30 1 turkey wrap with mustand
    5:30 1 turkey wrap w/ 1cup salad and 2 tbls dressing
    8:30 4 slices of turkey meat
    1 gallon water
    40oz. grean tea
    totals are calories 995, fat 30, carbs 79, protien 76

    i know thats a little low I was considering staying with this but adding 2 protien shakes, is that a good idea and when is the best time to take?
    my totals with 2 shakes would be: cal= 1255, fat= 35, carbs= 89, protien= 116. any and all recomendations are appreciated!
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