Hello everyone, I believe that determination from my abilities with a positive attitude will get me where I want to be. The last few years, I been slim, regardless of working out here and there, but lately too much beer drinking has finally made me able to gain weight... in a very bad way. I am keeping a journal and welcome everyone's wisdom, comments, questions. Either positive or negative, I will take it and go with it. I will try to post my measurements during the morning and when I get home from school at night I will post my diet schedule as well as what workouts I did. I know I won't get results overnight, but in a few weeks to months, numbers will change ;] Weekly pictures will be added as well.
Thanks for reading! -DK

MONDAY 09/25/06 @ 10AM
Weight: 140lbs.
Forearms: 25.5cm
Arms: 30.5cm
Chest: 96cm
Waist: 78cm
Thighs: 49cm
Calves: 33cm
*Height 5'6 [all numbers were measured while flexing]