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Thread: Carlos's Journal....THATS ME

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    Carlos's Journal....THATS ME

    Okay, well since I started reading this forum, I have come to a conclusion that everything I ever learned about working out and training (except in football) WAS WRONG! So I started a new routine in everything, and I'm doing the WBB#1 now, I wanna see how that goes, and I want to get a diet figured out. I want to lose some fat and once I lose it I want to clean bulk...idc how long it takes, I just don't want fat lol...and I also want to say thanks to everyone here for helping me out and for knowing what your talking about! So I'm gonna try keeping a journal and add a few lbs or a rep every time, and if anyone has any advice on anything feel free to say anything! Thanks!

    Right now I am:

    18 years old
    165 lbs
    5' 11"
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