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    Journey to 180

    Third time's a charm - I believe this is my third attempt at a journal. I hadn't kept up with my old journal the past couple months because i didn't believe i was worthy of a journal with my slacking and undedicated diet. I kept working out, but my diet wasn't on track, and my weights weren't going anywhere considering i was on a small cut. I planned to get my abs for the summer, since i've never had them before. I got down to 154lbs, with my abs more visible than ever. I then realized i was an idiot and remembered how i never cared about abs anyways. That was a waste of time, though i only lost around 4 lbs of fat, so i guess it didn't really hurt me.

    Right now i'm at 5'9 157lbs (naked - as of yesterday). I've been lifting for just over a year - started at 130lbs. My bodyfat is fairly low. I'm not an expert but i would guess around 10%. When flexed, my top two abs are fairly visible. A bulk is definitely in order. I honestly feel more dedicated than i've ever felt before. My workouts are intense, and my diet is completely on track. I'm taking in 4,000 calories a day and loving every bit of it. My goal is to bulk up to around 180, depending on how fast i gain the weight and how much fat i put on in the process.

    The bodybuilding routine that i'm starting is a variation of a routine that Canadian Crippler made -

    Flat BB Bench - 5x5
    Chinups - 3x6
    Tbars - 2x8
    CGBP - 2x8
    DB Flies - 2 x 10

    Lower + Delts
    Deads - Work up to one or two real heavy sets
    Leg Press - 3x8
    Leg Curls - 2x8
    Calves - 3x10
    Seated DB Press - 2x8

    BB Rows - 5x5
    Incline DB Bench - 3x6
    Chinups - 2x8
    Skulls - 2x8
    DB Flies - 2x10

    Lower + Delts
    ATF Squat - 5x5
    SLDL - 2x6
    Lunges - 3x8
    Calves - 3x10
    Arnolds - 2x8

    I'll likely switch exercises up when i feel like it.

    Time to post my workout from today...
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