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Thread: How does one figure the caloric and fat content of salmon?

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    How does one figure the caloric and fat content of salmon?

    It seems that each source I have read gives different caloric information for atlantic salmon. I have 6 oz. uncooked filets; any idea how many calories / fat / protein are in each? Fitday gives approximately 270 calories; FNIC gives approximately 300; other sources give 340. It's difficult to incorporate it into my diet when its macronutrient profile is indeterminate.

    Any ideas? Previously, I operated under the assumption that 6 oz of uncooked atlantic salmon contained 340 calories and 14 g of fat; is this correct?

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    you gotta remember 6oz uncooked is gonna be a lot less once cooked.

    Here is the stats from the USDA for 6oz for raw Atlantic Salmon:
    Calories = 241
    Protein = 33g
    Fat = 11g

    I'd trust the USDA over any other site.
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